Links /// Feb. 27th

  • I have mentioned SerialBox Presents on my blog many times because they never cease to amaze me. They are close to launch their latest endeavor, SerialBoxTV. I am excited to see the first full episode of Noah Gunderson. Check out the trailer. . .
  • I'm not in the market for a video camera but if I were, this would probably be at the top of my list. This new Arri Alexa Mini is insane!
  • Moment more than successfully funded their Kickstarter for the world's best iPhone case for mobile photography. I can't wait to see the finished product!
  • Congrats to the Baylor men's basketball team for being the first to beat Iowa State in Ames! Huge win for us! #JourneytotheTourney ( Video highlights )
Christ is more of an artist than the artists; He works in the living spirit & the living flesh, He makes men instead of statues.
— Van Gogh

Jan. 16th /// Links

First post of 2015. . . Here we go!

  • I'm a few weeks late on this but wanted to share this 15 minute short that ESPN posted after the passing of Stuart Scott. When I think of ESPN or Sportscenter, I hear his voice. Stuart is a true hero.
When you die, it does not mean you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.
— Stuart Scott
  • I had a blast seeing Baylor beat #11 Iowa State in basketball this last Wednesday in the Ferrell. 
  • I had a wonderful winter break. It was full of time with family and friends in my favorite city of San Diego. I was also able to fly to Seattle to see where my sister Laura is living right now. It was so much fun getting a full Seattle tour. I left Seattle on December 31st to head to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl that Baylor played in. Although it was not the outcome I wanted, it was a great experience. .


  • Oh, and Maroon 5 crashed a bunch of weddings to make a music video. That's pretty rad. Check out the video here.


  • I just want to take a second to thank all of those who read my blog. I don't do it so that I can get people to come to my website; it's fun for me and I hope that y'all find it interesting enough to keep coming back. 

Links /// 17th of October

  • I still randomly smile when I think back to Baylor coming back in the 4th quarter to beat TCU. This video here sums up the game.
  • I love what Common Grounds and my friend Jacob Robinson are doing with these CG Sessions! Check out my other friend John Griffin McKay on their last video:
  • My brother Patrick Dodd is the producer for SerialBoxPresents and they do some amazing work! They just launched a KickStarter to launch SerialBoxTV! Go back their project, here!
  • My friend Jackson started a high end Baylor clothing company last year called Dapper Bear Clothiers. They just introduced some legit socks so you should go check them out!
  • Link Year, the gap year program I attended before I came to Baylor just had their website revamped, it looks super fresh:
  • I'm curious, would you pay $9,000 for a phone? I mean, if you have the money, why not? Check out the Vertu Aster. (I'll stick with my iPhone)

Links // January 5th

Every year I look forward to Google's year in review video! Check it out!

So excited to read Jesus > Religion by Jefferson Bethke. Check out his viral YouTube video here.

Kammock has a new kickstarter out for their new sleeping bag the Thylacine! Looks awesome!

It was sad that Baylor lost to UCF in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl but it was still a fun trip!

Great highlight video of college football this year!

Only Old Spice could pull off a TV ad like this.

Always love catching up with my good freind Alex young! Check out this new song that just went up on his soundcloud!