Links /// 17th of October

  • I still randomly smile when I think back to Baylor coming back in the 4th quarter to beat TCU. This video here sums up the game.
  • I love what Common Grounds and my friend Jacob Robinson are doing with these CG Sessions! Check out my other friend John Griffin McKay on their last video:
  • My brother Patrick Dodd is the producer for SerialBoxPresents and they do some amazing work! They just launched a KickStarter to launch SerialBoxTV! Go back their project, here!
  • My friend Jackson started a high end Baylor clothing company last year called Dapper Bear Clothiers. They just introduced some legit socks so you should go check them out!
  • Link Year, the gap year program I attended before I came to Baylor just had their website revamped, it looks super fresh:
  • I'm curious, would you pay $9,000 for a phone? I mean, if you have the money, why not? Check out the Vertu Aster. (I'll stick with my iPhone)