Jan. 23 /// Links

  • Here's one of my favorite pictures I took over the break of my friend Nick:
  • So happy that my sister, Laura, is loving her job as a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines. They were just ranked #1 by the Wall Street Journal! Check out the article here!
  • I love being apart of the Common Grounds family. There are so many great things that are happening at this place, including the opening of our sister store Heritage Creamery coming late to the HOT (heart of Texas) in 2015. Anyway, CG just redesigned their site and it looks so clean and fresh, go check it out here!
  • I have really enjoyed DudePerfect from the very beginning. Their latest Stereotype video is about the Super Bowl and it's awesome:
  • So proud to call Austin Mann my friend. He has been featured on Apple's Start Something New campaign. Check out the behind the scenes video from his trip to Iceland and the panorama he shot here.

Links /// 17th of October

  • I still randomly smile when I think back to Baylor coming back in the 4th quarter to beat TCU. This video here sums up the game.
  • I love what Common Grounds and my friend Jacob Robinson are doing with these CG Sessions! Check out my other friend John Griffin McKay on their last video:
  • My brother Patrick Dodd is the producer for SerialBoxPresents and they do some amazing work! They just launched a KickStarter to launch SerialBoxTV! Go back their project, here!
  • My friend Jackson started a high end Baylor clothing company last year called Dapper Bear Clothiers. They just introduced some legit socks so you should go check them out!
  • Link Year, the gap year program I attended before I came to Baylor just had their website revamped, it looks super fresh: www.linkyear.com
  • I'm curious, would you pay $9,000 for a phone? I mean, if you have the money, why not? Check out the Vertu Aster. (I'll stick with my iPhone)