Links /// Feb. 27th

  • I have mentioned SerialBox Presents on my blog many times because they never cease to amaze me. They are close to launch their latest endeavor, SerialBoxTV. I am excited to see the first full episode of Noah Gunderson. Check out the trailer. . .
  • I'm not in the market for a video camera but if I were, this would probably be at the top of my list. This new Arri Alexa Mini is insane!
  • Moment more than successfully funded their Kickstarter for the world's best iPhone case for mobile photography. I can't wait to see the finished product!
  • Congrats to the Baylor men's basketball team for being the first to beat Iowa State in Ames! Huge win for us! #JourneytotheTourney ( Video highlights )
Christ is more of an artist than the artists; He works in the living spirit & the living flesh, He makes men instead of statues.
— Van Gogh

Links /// 17th of October

  • I still randomly smile when I think back to Baylor coming back in the 4th quarter to beat TCU. This video here sums up the game.
  • I love what Common Grounds and my friend Jacob Robinson are doing with these CG Sessions! Check out my other friend John Griffin McKay on their last video:
  • My brother Patrick Dodd is the producer for SerialBoxPresents and they do some amazing work! They just launched a KickStarter to launch SerialBoxTV! Go back their project, here!
  • My friend Jackson started a high end Baylor clothing company last year called Dapper Bear Clothiers. They just introduced some legit socks so you should go check them out!
  • Link Year, the gap year program I attended before I came to Baylor just had their website revamped, it looks super fresh:
  • I'm curious, would you pay $9,000 for a phone? I mean, if you have the money, why not? Check out the Vertu Aster. (I'll stick with my iPhone)

Links // February 27

Check out my friend, Jackson's new company Dapper Bear Clothing

Old Spice commercials are the best.

"There are 7 things that will destroy us: wealth without work; pleasure without conscience; knowledge without character; religion without sacrifice; politics without principle; science without humanity ; business without ethics."  -- Gandhi

This Matt Wertz video is awesome. released a new session with Gregory Alan Isakov. Check it out!