Links /// Feb. 27th

  • I have mentioned SerialBox Presents on my blog many times because they never cease to amaze me. They are close to launch their latest endeavor, SerialBoxTV. I am excited to see the first full episode of Noah Gunderson. Check out the trailer. . .
  • I'm not in the market for a video camera but if I were, this would probably be at the top of my list. This new Arri Alexa Mini is insane!
  • Moment more than successfully funded their Kickstarter for the world's best iPhone case for mobile photography. I can't wait to see the finished product!
  • Congrats to the Baylor men's basketball team for being the first to beat Iowa State in Ames! Huge win for us! #JourneytotheTourney ( Video highlights )
Christ is more of an artist than the artists; He works in the living spirit & the living flesh, He makes men instead of statues.
— Van Gogh

Links /// February 20th

  • My friend Shaun Boyte (Boyte Creative) just released a new reel and it's sweet. Check it out!
  • Here is a great interview with my friend Tiffany on Art and Fear. This girl inspires me with her doodling more than some people do with their words.
  • I have something in the works with my friends The Digital Age. Check out their music video for their song Break Every Chain.
  • One of my best friends, Alex Young, just released an album with his new band Bridges. Take a listen. . .
  • Here's a quote for you to meditate on for the next week. 
The will of God will never take you where the grace of God cannot keep you.
— N. Anderson

Links /// February 13th

  • Coca-Cola is bringing the world together. Love this.

  • Check out this new clothing company Foremost. "Foremost is a purveyor of small-batch, American-made clothing for men and women. Foremost delivers the exclusivity, narrative, and quality of the world's luxury brands at unprecedented prices and with exceptional focus upon their process."

  • One of the Instagramers I posted about last week, Justin Halbert, just announced his new website that he has been working on. 
  • This is going to be fun! Write an e-mail to your future self!
  • I was able to spend most of this last Tuesday hanging out with Austin Mann and helped him in building part of WELD Nashville. If you don't know what WELD is, check it out.
The only thing you contribute to your salvation and to your sanctification is the sin that makes them necessary.
— William Temple


If you know me at all, you know that I love sharing moments on Instagram. I am on that app quite a bit! It's even on my dock. I'm going to share some of my favorite feeds that I follow on Instagram. These people inspire me to keep creating. (Listed in no particular order.)

Like a word, a photograph can speak to us. It can stand for something; a moment frozen in time and swollen with meaning. But — as with words — when strung together, photographs begin to tell a story
  • justn_sd  (Justin Halbert)

I've been following Justin for several years and he has definitely been one of the most consistent as far as creativity. I've had the pleasure of hanging out with Justin and he is one of the most genuine guys you will meet. More than that, he constantly amazes me with his colors and tones in his unique style. He was voted 1 of the best Instagrammers in San Diego by Thrillist which is pretty awesome! You can also check out this feature that the awesome app Mextures did with Justin.

Snapchat: justin.halbert

  • kdkuiper (Kyle Kuiper)

This guy is amazing. Kyle was also voted 1 of the best Instagrammers in San Diego by Thrillist. Kyle recently went on a trip to Finland and got some amazing shots like the one to the right. He is very talented in capturing beautiful moments in beautiful color. If I'm scrolling quickly through my feed I can tell if I just passed one of Kyle's pictures because of the richness of the picture. I often get mesmerized by his photos and then wander on over to his feed to get more. 

Snapchat: kylekuiper

  • kylesteed (Kyle Steed)

I don't follow Kyle for his photos as much as I follow him for his constant positive outlook on life. As well as his amazing doodles. His motto "Work Hard. Trust God. Enjoy life." truly describes this guy in 6 short words. If you didn't catch lasts weeks blog post, I posted this little glimpse of an interview on Kyle. I have had the opportunity to meet Kyle and he is as authentic as that interview describes him as. God has blessed this man immensely. 


  • colbyshootspeople (Colby Moore)

I've only recently started following Colby but I have been throughly impressed with his feed. I really enjoy seeing all of his adventures around the US and around the world. His photos draw you in. I find myself fooled into thinking I'm with him on some of these adventures. He really has a gift. Follow him and join me in my continuous jealous of all his awesome adventures he takes.


  • austinmann (Austin Mann)

If you've read any of my posts on this blog, you know that Austin is the mann. Literally though, he's the man. He was recently featured on for a panorama he took in Iceland on his iPhone. You can view the behind the scenes of that shot on his blog, here. Austin has been my photography mentor since I was first introduced to him by my brother. He is a true role model to me and I've enjoyed seeing all of the projects he's involved with.


February 2 /// Links

  • I attended Passion conference in Houston this last weekend, what a powerful few days.
  • Michael Gungor did an amazing job on this video. I would encourage you to watch this video without any distractions around.
  • I think Moment has nailed this iPhone case for mobile photography. Check out their Kickstarter here!
  • I cannot imagine how much time and planning this video must have taken.
  • A while back I shot some pictures for the initial launch of Bowtaye, one of the models is from Frankfort, Germany and has been no. 1 in the country in NCAA men's tennis for Baylor. Check out this Big 12 interview.
  • Forget about a moped! Just get the Boosted motorized long board. It has a battery that will last most of the day and will even propel you uphill! 
  • I've always respected Kyle Steed and his work. Check out this beautiful little glimpse into Kyle's life.
I learned a couple years ago that what I do does not define me. My work is more of a response. I work because God said it’s good for us to work, and it is. When we do good work, it’s like an act of worship that glorifies Him.
— Kyle Steed