Links /// March 16th

  • NEEDTOBREATHE just released an awesome music video for their song 'Brother' . . . check out the Directors Cut below. (Shorter regular cut, here)
  • The awesome guys of Colony House have released a rad music video to their song 'Second Guessing Games' and you should check it out. Click here!
  • Apple released their new Apple Watch this last week as well as their New MacBook. Do you think wearable technology is the future?
  • Jeremy Cowart announced his latest endeavor, See University. Learn from one of the best photographers out there by having access to over 70 how-to videos from branding to interacting with the subject. Enrollment ends March 17th! I hope I can enroll soon!
  • I love Mumford & Sons' sound in their new song 'Believe.'
A proud man is always looking down on people & as long as you’re looking down, you can’t see something that’s above you.
— C.S. Lewis

Stay tuned for a Spring Break blog post next week.

Links /// Feb. 27th

  • I have mentioned SerialBox Presents on my blog many times because they never cease to amaze me. They are close to launch their latest endeavor, SerialBoxTV. I am excited to see the first full episode of Noah Gunderson. Check out the trailer. . .
  • I'm not in the market for a video camera but if I were, this would probably be at the top of my list. This new Arri Alexa Mini is insane!
  • Moment more than successfully funded their Kickstarter for the world's best iPhone case for mobile photography. I can't wait to see the finished product!
  • Congrats to the Baylor men's basketball team for being the first to beat Iowa State in Ames! Huge win for us! #JourneytotheTourney ( Video highlights )
Christ is more of an artist than the artists; He works in the living spirit & the living flesh, He makes men instead of statues.
— Van Gogh

Jan. 16th /// Links

First post of 2015. . . Here we go!

  • I'm a few weeks late on this but wanted to share this 15 minute short that ESPN posted after the passing of Stuart Scott. When I think of ESPN or Sportscenter, I hear his voice. Stuart is a true hero.
When you die, it does not mean you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.
— Stuart Scott
  • I had a blast seeing Baylor beat #11 Iowa State in basketball this last Wednesday in the Ferrell. 
  • I had a wonderful winter break. It was full of time with family and friends in my favorite city of San Diego. I was also able to fly to Seattle to see where my sister Laura is living right now. It was so much fun getting a full Seattle tour. I left Seattle on December 31st to head to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl that Baylor played in. Although it was not the outcome I wanted, it was a great experience. .


  • Oh, and Maroon 5 crashed a bunch of weddings to make a music video. That's pretty rad. Check out the video here.


  • I just want to take a second to thank all of those who read my blog. I don't do it so that I can get people to come to my website; it's fun for me and I hope that y'all find it interesting enough to keep coming back. 

Dec. 19th /// Links

  • Google always does a great job of doing a short recap of the year. What did we search for in 2014?
  • Here is a fun Star Wars themed Christmas light show for you to enjoy. 
  • If there is one thing that I've learned this last semester is that I need to be content in God's will. I ran across this quote the other day... 
God allows in His wisdom what He could easily prevent by His power.
  • He can easily prevent anything. Be content in what the Lord has for you. His way is always the best way.
  • If you are on that Instagram game, look me up ( @grahamdodd ). I'm always posting some artsy shoots. 
  • If you're wanting to travel, I'm sure this guy has some great ideas and tips...

Links /// November 7th

  • If you have 10 minutes to spare, check out this video of the creation of a $2.75 million Patek Watch. Watch here. (It's pretty cool.)
  • My friend Brady Toops played at Common Grounds last night and did an amazing job! Check out this live session that RELEVANT did.
  • Have you ever wanted to throw a pigskin a quarter mile like Uncle Ricco? Well I have. And now it's possible with the Raptor Football! Check out their Kickstarter!
  • What do you think about Amazon's new information speaker, Echo that was released yesterday? It's only $99 for Amazon Prime members for a limited time only!
  • Excited for Baylor vs. Oklahoma tomorrow. Get hyped! #ReadyforOU
We have but faith: we cannot know;
For knowledge is of things we see
And yes we trust it comes from thee,
A beam in darkness: let it grow.
— Alfred Lord Tennyson
  • I used Pay for the first time this last week. I absolutely love it! It makes everything easier. Do you think NFC (Near Field Communication) is the future?