The End is Near

The days keep getting shorter and shorter. So on a brighter note, check out this trailer for Despicable Me 2!

If you're interested to watch some action now... watch The Wolverine: International trailer here.

This Mystery Monday was spent at the Hillbilly Bowl. It was a great time even if I didn't win... I did get 5 strikes though. Moving on to class. Our speaker this week was Joshua Straub Ph.D. and he serves as the Executive Pastor of Family Ministries at Woodland Hills Family Church here in Branson, Missouri. Joshua was well liked by many students including me. As a counselor, he was able to talk to us with validity about relationships and relationships styles. Relationship styles form at such a young age with implicit and explicit memory. We always want to have this 'safe' feeling which could be different for a lot of people depending on how they were raised. It was really interesting to see how little things that my parents did when I was young has had a big impact on I think about different things. On the last day, Joshua went through what he calls emotional coaching. He goes takes couples through this when they are having a tough time relating to one another and he used some examples that really helped see how when a problem is brought up in a relationship that how you respond effects they way they will respond. 

Joshua also spoke at The Fort and talked on Proverbs 27. He killed it. If you have time, I would strongly encourage you to take a listen here.

Before you go, make sure to look back on Sunday for a little post about Easter. Have a great day!

Until next time.