38 Days

38 Days, 15 days of class, 5 Mystery Monday’s, 4 Regular Friday’s left


It’s all coming to an end, which is very sad, but at the same time, very exciting. Things are starting to come together for Baylor and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.

Mystery Monday was very fun this week! They took us to Chick-fil-a in Springfield (because there isn’t one in Branson.) I love Chick-fil-a. Maybe a little too much. It’s almost a sin. Anyways, after everyone had ordered, and was full and happy we loaded the bus to go to an indoor rock climbing place. Everyone had a blast. It was a lot of fun!

I forgot to tell you about our Spring Fling! On Saturday we ventured to Springfield to Lambert’s The Home of Throwing Rolls. Good food. I always definitely eat way too much every time I go there. We ate drank and were merry. We then went to an ice skating rink, skated around for a while until we moved over to our reserved rink to play a little broomball! This was a ton of fun!

This week we had Ben Williams speak to us who is the vice principal of Kansas City Christian Academy. Ben, is simply a geek/nerd. But he is also hilarious, informational and a very good teacher. He has so much information stored up in his; it blew my mind these past couple of days. The first two days he spoke on different worldviews, religions, and cults. The reason it is good and helpful to know about other worldviews is because it allows us to have smarter conversations with others without making anyone look stupid. The information that we got this week will help us in our communicating to people in college. On the last day, Ben went over how we know that the Bible is accurate from what really happened and there is three criteria that this is judged by; quality of the writing, quantity of the copies, and the time interval of when the event happened and when the manuscript is dated to. This is some really interesting stuff. I really enjoyed Ben as a whole. He kept me interested and was really engaging.

Have you filled out your bracket? I’m not doing too bad right now. Go KU! (only because Baylor didn't make it this year.)

Until next time.