7 weeks left

First official week back from spring break which was directly after getting back from N. Ireland. I’ll start this off with Mystery Monday, paintball, in the freezing cold. And when I say freezing cold, I mean it was lightly snowing in the morning. Now I had done paintball before and with my reconstructed knees, it’s just not as fun so I stayed back and took pictures. If it weren’t as cold, it would have been so much more fun, but it was fun.

This week out speaker was Bret Jenson who is the academic dean of MAP seminary and also the associate pastor for Reach Ministries. He talked to us, as Christians that we need to be enamored with the Gospel. Everyday! Sometimes we get this elementary understanding that when we are at the inception of coming to know Christ; we leave this idea of the Gospel behind. As we looked into the book of Acts, we got to see what being reminded of the Gospel looks like corporately and personally. Bret did a phenomenal job of laying this out. His use of illustrations and handouts helped me and other students really picture the point he was conveying to us as his students for the week. The thing that has changed every single Christian is the Gospel and if we distance ourselves from it, we lose that spark. Therefore we can’t let our little light shine to touch the darkness in this world. In the end, we need to daily be reminded of the Gospel. It’s important.
Easy way to remember what the Gospel is.

Have a great week,

Until next time.