Northern Ireland

Did I forget to tell you guys that I was going to wait two weeks before I wrote a post? I guess I forgot to tell myself that. I've been pretty busy over the past two weeks. I'm currently sitting in my cousins flat in south London writing this blog. But lets rewind a little bit. February 1st I got on a plane to start my journey with 35 companions. We arrived in Dublin early in the morning and took a two hour bus ride to Belfast where we would be staying for the next month. Since then, we have been all over Belfast, the North Coast, a little bit of Dublin. Two weeks of visiting castles, tourist attractions, cathedrals, cemetarys, bridges, and much, much more. Starting on the 13th, we had a time span of 4 days to travel, if we would like, to any countries near by.  A bunch of us decided to go to London. I hung out with the guys the first day and then yesterday, the 14th, I met my cousin at Victoria station and am going to hang out with her for today and tomorrow. 

So much has happened in the past two weeks that it would be hard to fit everything into this post. But here's what I'll do, click here to view pictures that I've taken of sites and the kids in my program. That link will continue to be updated throughout the next two weeks. You can also check out my instagram feed here. Sorry this is only a wee update but it will have to do for now. Y'all are awesome. Have a great day.

Untill Next Time.