End or Beginning?

This week was jam packed with good stuff. Mystery Monday was a nice stroll through Dogwood Canyon which I have been to multiple times but it was fun. Timothy Wright and I pretty much talked the whole time. Good times. Also, if you would like to read a little article I did on the Kanakuk Adventure Seires that I did this past summer for Shout! Magazine, click here.

Sean McDowell, son of Josh McDowell, came to speak to us this week. Sean and his dad have many really well-known books out. Sean is co-author of Is God Just a Human Invention?, Unserstanding Intelligent Invention?, Evidence for the Resurrection, More Than A Carpenter and many more. Needless to say, this dude is smart. He came in on Monday night to do a little Q & A with whoever wanted to come. This was a great time to get know him and his family a little. Tuesday he role-played as an 'athiest' and this was frustrating for a lot of the students because he Killed us! Yes, with a capital K! What I learned from this is that you need to know your information before going into an argument, or a discussion. We went through a few arguments that day and we spent a good amount of time defining 'truth'. Subjective and objective truth. Very interesting stuff. On Wednesday we broke down intelligent design, which Sean has written a book on so he was well prepared. We also spent some time on talking about how we can know the New Testament is true. I really enjoyed Sean and he shares my love of San Diego (he lives there). So that made him that much better.

Wednesday night, Adam Donyes always does a Q & A for students who want to get deeper in the Word, I always go but this past Wednesday night was abnormally awesome. The discussion was really good and peaked some interest in certain subjects. God is good. 

The days are getting shorter, and it's scary. The main thing I'll miss is some of the people. For example, Rand, Timothy, Alex, Clayton, and Adam D. All great guys that I'll be friends with the rest of my life I'm sure. 

Encourgement: If it don't match the Word, forget what you heard!

Until next time.