Week 1 of Semester 2

          This has been a great first week back with all of the students! We had a pretty chill mystery Monday where we shared a little about our breaks over breakfast. But the main part of this week is the speaker and this week we had the privilege to hear from the head pastor at Woodland Hills Family Church, Ted Cunningham, which is the church I attend here in Branson. He is also the author of a few books including but not limited to: Young and in Love, and Trophy Child.

            Ted’s main topic on the first day was about prolonged adolescence which is where kids aren’t growing up and are moving the 5 main adulthood milestones until they are 30 or 40 years old. Prolonged adolescence is the result of the kid-centered home where the parents are putting the kids in higher priority than their marriage. Ted put it this way, “too much privilege and not enough responsibility.” He sees this most with the ‘vanity parents’ which is where parents are using the accomplishments of their kids to impress others. I don’t thank the Lord enough for the parents that I have. Ted went through 7 different types of, what he calls ‘trophy parents’ (which is not a compliment) and I could honestly say that my parents weren’t any of that and I am truly blessed to be able to say that.

            On the last day, Ted talked about communication and what he categorizes as the 6 levels of communication. It was really interesting to see how conversations start at level 1 which is small talk and how they can jump to the other levels of desires and needs. I really enjoyed this week and I always look forward to hearing Ted on Sunday mornings. He’s pretty funny as well which makes him that much more enjoyable.

On another note, over break we had to write a 10 page paper on Mere Christianity which definitely seemed daunting at first but as I read the book it got me kind of excited about the paper. I really enjoyed the book and made me want to read more books. Next up is the Ragamuffin Gospel which a friend gave me a few years back but I’ve been lazy and have just kept pushing it away. I’m excited to read this book and might give you a little recap when I’m finished with it. Not sure when that’ll be.

2 weeks until Ireland! Getting stoked about that. Stay tuned!

Until next time!