Passion 2013

This last week has been insane! I'll give you a little run through...
Got into Atlanta around 7:00 AM after taking the Red eye from San Diego. My friend Alex picked me up and took me to The Varsity which is a fast food ATL-must. Great experience but not so healthy food ;)


MARTA was a huge part of my time in ATL. MARTA is a train system that goes throughout Atlanta. The house that I stayed at was actually quite a ways from where the Georgia Dome was so we drove about 25 minutes to take MARTA right to the Dome.


The group that I stayed with was amazing and I wouldn't change it for the world! I got to stay with 28 other guys most of whom I didn't know which made it that much better. It was a great time getting to know them and to make new friends. 

The main sessions were the best. I learned tons from the speakers who consisted of John Pipper, Francis Chan, Judah Smith, Beth Moore, and Louie Giglio and all of them did a great job! Then there was the worship. I have never felt anything like it. Something about singing with 60,000 other people at the same time just gets to you. Let's just say I definetely felt God's presence this last week. 

Now we need to get down to business. We need to END IT. And when I say end it, I mean end slavery. There are more slaves TODAY then there have ever been. At Passion we raised $3 million to fund 19 different organizations that deal with this. Visting End It 's site, click here will give you more information about the movement and you need to pledge to end slavery. At Passion we made a little commitment to shed a light on slavery and here is a picture of about 60,000 people holding candles around a light that went 3 miles in the sky to "shed a light on slavery." You can check out this video from CNN.

On another note, Happy New Year and if you would like you should check out my brothers top 25 records of the year. I respect very much his style in music. You can find that blog here at