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           Football, rugby, power tools! That is one of the several men cheers that we have at Kanakuk in the summer and this week was full of manly things because it was Man Week. You're about to get jealous because our Mystery Monday started off with some clay/skeet/trap shooting. Whatever it's called. I've only shot a few guns in my life most of which was at a government shooting range (free ammo, and fully automatic weapons) and it's been a few years. But I was pretty proud of myself. I was able to shoot down 8 out of 25 using 5 different guns. Usually lunch is not included in Mystery Monday's but this one included grilling some juicy steaks on the grill. I'm just going to say that I need some practicing and it made me miss my dad’s steaks. 

            Continuing on the theme of Man Week, Adam Martin took us down to the lower fields down by the lake where he had a campfire ready for us to keep us warm. He also had some fun surprises waiting for us such as a huge potato launcher, a sparkler bomb, a dryer to destroy, a TV to destroy and a few fun games. But in the midst of all of these fun man things, he told us what it means to be a real man of God. Bruce Morgan brought it on Wednesday when he talked to us about the characteristics of what men have and what Godly men have. Donyes brought it hard on Thursday and talked about being men verses being boys (and we also watched an episode of Duck Dynasty). This week was full of fun activities but also full of what, as a man of God, I need to be focused on.

            Cole Wardell, who works for Afterdark brought it on Wednesday night when he covered Proverbs 18 this week at the Fort! (Click on the hyperlinks to check them out!)

Only a week until I leave for Ireland for a month! Getting really excited!

Until next time!