The Kanakuk Link Year - It's here

(The title rhymes.)

Man! This first real week of the Kanakuk Link Year has been so awesome! The community alone has already been impactful in my life. I know that some of the friends I am making here will be with me 20 years from now.

Our weekly schedule goes a little like this…

Monday – Monday’s are what we call Mystery Monday. We all meet in front of the lounge and get into groups to carpool to our mysterious destination. This week we went to Skate World for a little fun. I had a blast skating around with everyone. This lasted until lunch time and we had the rest of the day free.

Tuesday – On Tuesday the one and only Don Ford taught our class. This guy is awesome. Don talked to us about the importance of goals.

Goals must be: God centered, Written out, Attainable / God-sized, Measurable, Time sensitive, Clear (two sentences or less), Concise / specify (should fit on the back of a business card), Shared with others.

Following this template will make sure your goals will be met. I can’t wait to see the outcome of using this method.

Wednesday – On Wednesday Jay Holden (@jayholden) , who is the Executive Director of Marketing at Kanakuk Kamps, spoke to us about our strengths. He helped us analyze what are strengths are and how to best use them. I’m excited to use my strengths the way God intended them to be used.

Thursday – Thursday was a true blessing because we got to hear from Darrell Shemwell who is one true man of God. His knowledge of God’s word and his drive to study it blows my mind. Just to get a glimpse of how to study the bible on our own was awesome. I can’t wait to hear him speak again in December.

Friday – Friday. Men’s bible study, Jonathan groups which is our small groups, and then accountability groups. Then we’re done for the day. Friday's are always awesome.

Weekends are free and with some other students I will be driving to Columbia Missouri to attend The Head and the Heart concert. I’m kind of (really) excited.

Recap on a few things I’ve learned: Community is very important. To not let the devil put his finger prints all over me. Goals are important to set and to set them correctly. God gave us strengths to utilize for His glory. To check the original language the bible was written in to get the best translation. 

This was a great start to the year and it’s only going to get better from here. For more information on the Kanakuk Link Year, click here. And to see photos so far, click here.

Until next time.