Link Year Week Two

In my post from last week I had mentioned that I was attending a concert of the band The Head and the Heart in Columbia, MO. It was awesome.

First I will start off with what this weeks Mystery Monday held for us. We got into our groups of four and were given a Disney movie with some kind of twist. My group received Peter Pan and the Lost Ducks. We had two hours to come up with 15 pictures in five different locations. We then had to narrate a story line using those 15 pictures in front of the whole group. We were all graded on a ten point scale and my team received a nine. Unfortunately there was a group that received a ten out of ten but we had a fun time in the process.

This week we had the distinct privilege to be able to hear from to hear from Mike Aleckson (blog) for the past three days. Mike is the Director of Information Technology Strategy for Compassion International, a worldwide ministry to over 1.3 million young people dedicated to delivering them from poverty in Jesus’ name. Mike taught us the Big Picture of the Bible. His goal was for us to see where we fit into God’s Big Picture. The first day he went through the history of the Bible for example, the times of Moses, Abraham, David, the Exile, etc. The second day we talked about God’s covenants; Adamic, Noahic, Abrahamic, Mosaic, Davidic, and the New Covenant. The last day was how we fit into this Big Picture. What we can personally do in our selected vocation to glorify God. In Matthew 5:48 it says “You therefore must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” This scared me at first because there is no way I can be perfect. I am a sinful man with flaws. But the Greek translation for perfect in this verse is teleios, which means to fulfill your purpose. In whatever career we choose we should make sure it is pleasing to God. Knowing this, I will carefully pick what college, major, etc. so that I can be glorifying God in everything I do.  

Last week I forgot to mention that on Wednesday nights we have a singles ministry called the Fort that meets in the K-1 Chapel. This year we are going through Proverbs and this was the third week we’ve met. Unfortunately the website is not up yet but you can follow them on twitter @fortworship.

Until next time.