Here we go...

There is so many things I have wanted to post on facebook and what not but I'm just going to compile all of them in this one post. So this isn't much of an update on me but it's things I've been involved with and/or love. 

First up goes out to my friends of The Digital Age. They just rocked over 1,000 students at Vertical (coming up soon). For those of you who are in Waco, go to their tour kick-off at UBC @ 7:00. It's only $10 and it's going to be awesome! They also just released episode 9 of their Rockumentary's which I helped film and you can view that here.

Next up is Vertical. Vertical has been the reason I look forward to Monday's. It's FULL of fellowship with classmates, worship and hearing a great message coming straight from the word. Right now going through the Song of Solomon; finding love, making love, and maintaining love. Go listen to their podcast and I promise you, you won't be disappointed. 

Baylor football has been killing it the last three weeks and my friends Jacob and Ryan put together this sick video so you should go check it out, here.  I also star in it at 2:23. Sic'em. 

Lastly, I'd like to share the job opportunity of a lifetime. This opportunity is to work at the best summer camp of all time. A place I like to call home. Kanakuk Kamps. Today they released their Staff Recruitment videos. Below is the 1 minute preview video but click here for the full 14 minute video. All I ask of you is that you pray about it. God will pour into you so much at this magical place. I can't talk it up enough.

Also, really glad that the Fort is starting up again!  

Thank you to all who read this. I have no expectations for anyone to read this but it warms my heart when people say they do. 

UBC (University Baptist Church) is the church I attend here in Waco and have been super blessed by the people I've met there already. Every week, the benediction is this: 

As we approach this week: 

May we love God, 

Embrace beauty, 

And live life to the fullest. 


Until next time,