How Much Longer?!

...16 more days! I cannot believe it! This week has definitely been awesome! We started the week off with Mystery Monday by going to Mid American Mixed Martial Arts and getting a self defense class from Teacher Don. It was a lot of fun! We got into it and people might have gotten a little too into it. It was a pretty intense time. Best quote was when the instructor called Kevin a milk dud with teeth.
This week we had the privilege to listen to Austin Ochs who is awesome! He hails from Wichita, went to Wheaton College and is back living in Wichita who co-owns multiple companies. Austin opened my eyes to incorporating Christian values into companies. The pros seem to out weigh the cons. Another favorite illustration he used was living a open-handed life. If we keep our hand closed around something (i.e. a car or piece of technology) we cannot receive anything from God. Austin did a fantastic job this week of inspiring everyone to give, and sometimes more than we are willing to give up.
Thursday night, April 11th, I had the opportunity to go to a Springfield Cardinals game with 9 other guys. It might have been a bit chilly but it was a blast and we definitely made the best of it. I laughed a good amount of the time.

This weekend, God has given me the amazing opportunity to fly down to Texas with Joe White to take pictures. I'm really excited about this opportunity and what it will bring. I'm sure I'll meet a lot of great people just by being with Joe White. Look for an update next week on that.
Oh and this last Sunday, April 7th, was my birthday, it was fantastic!

Until next time.