This week has probably been one of my favorite weeks so far this year. It started off with also one of my favorite Mystery Monday’s. We went to the Harrison K-Life house and if you don’t know what K-Life is, click here.

I haven’t been to too many K-Life houses but this is the best one I’ve seen. It has a sweet barn swing, basketball court outside, a rock-climbing wall (which was out of order) and of course a 4-square court. We all had a blast hanging out and enjoying others company. For lunch we went to Neighbor Mill Backery & Café which is the healthiest place in Arkansas and it was actually good! I had this legit three-cheese bacon pizza on flat bread. All that to say, I had a great time.

As for class this week we had three different speakers. On Tuesday we got to hear from Kyle Unruh who is the president of K-Life so he is in charge of the 36 locations around the country. One thing that stuck out to me about his talk was that the enemy of the church today is cheap grace and the great friend of the church today is costly grace and that means that there is sacrifice required when you understand God’s grace. He demonstrated that sacrifice and then He calls us to a form of sacrifice as well. One of the ways that can get manifested, which can lead to greatness, is that they choose to be discipled.

On Wednesday we got to hear from Antoine Mack who is the director at KAA 1. This guy is legit! I learned a lot but one thing that I thought was interesting was when he talked about temptation and that at our age we’re only looking at the now. Should I do this now? Should I drink this now? We aren’t looking into the future. We should be future minded and eternity focused.

Now usually I don’t talk about the Fort, which is a young adults ministry where we spend an hour and worship God through singing, prayer, and a talk. This week Adam Donyes spoke and hit a grand slam to the stars. I was really encouraged to hear his take on Proverbs 12 and you can hear it here. You will be blessed.

In class on Thursday we had a surprise special guest and you’ll never believe who it was! It was the mayor of Branson. Mayor Presley talked to us about community and politics and how Branson is still a faith-based city. It was really interesting to hear from her directly about her thoughts on different aspects of Branson.

This week was a blast. I hope you enjoyed the post!

Until next time.