WeeK Neuf

(Neuf is 9 in French)

Week 9.

First, a little update of what happened last week because I did not post. Jordan and I drove up to Kansas City where our aunt and uncle live. Last Saturday night we were able to go to the Unashamed Tour with Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashi, KB, Pro and a few others. Needless to say it was off the hook! We also got to see KU basketball dominate at the Sprint center and hang out with family and friends. It was a great break even though I didn’t get to go home to SD. It was still fun.

This week we were blessed to hear from a real man of God. Shay Robbins is someone who I’ve looked up to since my first years at Kanakuk K2. He blew my mind and got me very excited for my personal quiet time. I don’t know where to start but here we go…

There are a lot of reasons why we were separated from God but specifically in this generation we are facing issues that have never been such a huge problem. One of the enemy’s strategies is to make young people a shallow generation. All of the advances in technology, social media and communication have caused us to be shallow. Families used to sleep on top of their houses in Israel and Judah to get away from the heat and they would gaze at the stars million of miles away for their entertainment. They would sit around the fire and tell stories and their idea of a good time was to sit around the dinner table and laugh and share life together. All of which precipitate depth in people’s lives. Our depth is limited to the distance between our face and the computer screen. In a lot of ways we are producing a generation who are emotionally, relationally, and socially inept.

Hoped you enjoy this post!

Until next time.