Worth + Whitney

These are two of my friends. Worth Loughlin and Whitney Gombert got engaged a few weeks ago so we plotted together to go down to Austin and take some pictures. They are beautiful on the inside and out and we had a ton of fun shooting. It was too easy photographing these two. . . born models!

A special thanks to Anna Cornett for assisting and keeping us company!

Every Week 17

So my camera is currently in Austin getting repaired. After 5 years of use one little part in the battery door, that allows the camera to turn on, decided not to work anymore. Anyway, for this Every Week post I decided to throw it back to Easter break with these awesome dudes. Worth Loughlin and Chase Wommack are some genuine guys that I have only started to get to know. We took a quick camping trip to Colorado Bend State Park. It had been a while since I've been camping but it was a blast. Listened to some good tunes, cooked and ate some good sausage, bacon and beans, drank some good whiskey and enjoyed each others company around a raging fire. In the morning we packed up and took a hike to a beautiful waterfall before heading back to Waco. I hope you enjoy these photos of a couple of dudes.