Every Week 15

This academic year I decided to take Swahili as a language. Many people laugh when I tell them this but I have enjoyed this class and that is mainly because of Mwalimu. Mwalimu means teacher in Swahili and that is the name that Jim Houser goes by on Baylor's campus. Mwalimu and Mama William (In Africa, the wife is called by the child of hers that the people there know best) have been married for over 60 years and they were gracious enough to let me take their pictures. They were missionaries in Africa for a little over 40 years and when they moved back to the States, Mwalimu was asked to continue the Swahili course as a teacher at Baylor. Mwalimu is 84-years-old and has been teaching Swahili at Baylor for about 20 years now and has decided to retire after this semester. I figured that he and Mama William needed some good quality pictures on campus before this year was over. In my opinion, Swahili at Baylor won't be the same without him. Our shoot was short but it was a very special time and they wouldn't let me leave before asking me what was going on in my life. They care about their students. Even Mama William will come in a day or two through out the year just to talk with the students and we just get to listen and enjoy. They are a very special couple and I have been blessed by them.

Mimi nilikuwa na furaha kuchukua picha yako.