Links /// February 13th

  • Coca-Cola is bringing the world together. Love this.

  • Check out this new clothing company Foremost. "Foremost is a purveyor of small-batch, American-made clothing for men and women. Foremost delivers the exclusivity, narrative, and quality of the world's luxury brands at unprecedented prices and with exceptional focus upon their process."

  • One of the Instagramers I posted about last week, Justin Halbert, just announced his new website that he has been working on. 
  • This is going to be fun! Write an e-mail to your future self!
  • I was able to spend most of this last Tuesday hanging out with Austin Mann and helped him in building part of WELD Nashville. If you don't know what WELD is, check it out.
The only thing you contribute to your salvation and to your sanctification is the sin that makes them necessary.
— William Temple