Kamp with a K

Kanakuk Kamps has probably had the most influence in my life. I started going to K1 (ages 7 - 13) for a month in the summer when I was only 7-years-old. Ever since then I have continued to go and I have continued to fall more in love with this ministry. Now if you don't know what Kanakuk is, watch this...


It has shaped and molded me into the man I am today. For the past 12 summers, I have been a camper at Kanakuk but this summer will be my first year working as staff. My job this summer is on the main video team for all of Kanakuk. I will be going around to all the kamps making videos like you see above. I am about half way done before I head down to Baylor and I've learned so much in the field of video and editing software. I know this is a short post but if you have any questions about Kanakuk, don't hesititate to ask I would be more than glad to answer any of them. 

Until next time.