Where I'm Going...

Updated Post: 


In about 20 days I will be starting an adventure I cannot wait for and it isn't college—although that’s coming. The Christian sports camp that I attend every summer for a month has started a “gap year” program for high school grads that creates a strong biblical foundation as well as gaining knowledge on world views, before going off to college. This program will have around 35 students my age.  I know a number who are going and they’re from all over the country.  Needless to say, we will become a close family, which is one reason I am very excited for The Link Year. Another reason I am really excited is during this seven month program, one month will be spent in a different country. During the 2011-12 program The Link Year visited, toured and ministered in Northern Ireland.  This year, I believe we will be visiting either Fiji or Northern Ireland.

I believe that The Link Year will be extremely beneficial to me in many ways. One way in particular is the amount of expertise and wisdom about the Christian faith that I will receive from the speakers that we will have on a weekly basis. 

After The Link Year is done I am planning on going to college. I am not committed anywhere at the moment but right now I would love to go to Baylor. I was accepted there for this Fall but will need to reapply for the Fall of 2013.

For more info about the Kanakuk Link Year, click here.