This week was legit. It started out with a Mystery Monday learning about nutrition from Marry Willis. This was very insightful. The main thing she taught us was the seven pillars to living healthy. They were Hydration, eating well, sleep and rest, exercise and movement, detoxification: filling in the gaps, and coping with stress-building community.

This week consisted of only two speakers. First, brother Marvin Daniels, who is the vice president of the leadership development program at Kids Across America, came and spoke to us about being Insulated in this world and not Isolated from the world referring to 1 John 4 where it talks about being in this world but not of this world. God wants us to be different as we are his divine representation of Him on Earth. We are to be the salt and the light to this world. He also talked about living above the influence where he references Daniel 3 and the story of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego where three Jews were captured in a Babylonia culture who are worshiping other gods then the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. They are now standing in front of the king where he is commanding everyone to bow down and worship him and his image. Shadrach Meshach and Abednego knew that not bowing down to his image would cost them their lives and yet they chose not to. The king dared them by saying what god is going to keep you from my hands? They defined their position and said the God that we serve IS able to deliver us from your hands but even if he chooses not to, we still won’t bow. This transfers over to current day culture! Even if we may be threatened in our culture, or they call us names or talk down on the bible that we will not remove from our position from which God has compelled us and told us to do as His followers and disciples.

That’s deep.

And for our second speaker we were extremely blessed to hear from the one and only Keith Chancy who is the Kanakuk Institute president as well as the director of K7. He blew my mind with what he had to say. But a few things that stood out to me were how he talked about how we were made in the image of God and how this changes our world view because if we don’t understand this we will just keep going back and blaming God for things he hasn’t even done! God allowed man to eat from the fruit from the tree of good and evil, which allowed sin into this world. This did not take God by surprise; He knew it was going to happen because it was part of His plan. He wants man to change his own ways and follow Him so that they can be more like Him and to bring glory to His name.

Both of these guys were phenomenal communicators! I would go so far as to say this might have been the best week of speaking in my opinion.

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Until next time.