Whitney Loughlin -- Bridals

This last April I had the honor and privilege to shoot my roommate Worth's (at the time) fiancé, Whitney. I wasn’t able to post the pictures until after their wedding and am finally getting around to creating this blog post. This shoot was incredibly fun to shoot due to the friendship I have with Whitney. Not to mention that she is a natural born model! This was my first time taking bridal pictures and was pretty excited on how these turned out! Enjoy.

Honest Men

A couple weeks ago my good friends Honest Men spent some time in Nashville recording their second album. I invited them to come by the studio so that we could shoot some new promotional work for them. They came and we conquered. Check out some of the images we created.

Ava Sanjana

Before I left Waco there was about two weeks where I didn't shoot so to remedy this problem I asked for a friend and Ava and I went out shooting. We didn't shoot for terribly long but I was really happy with how they turned out. Thanks Ava for letting me take your picture!

Max + London

Man I love this couple. I'm so glad Max asked me last spring if we had an extra room in our house because he has truly been a blessing to me during this final year of school. Can't wait to see where the Lord takes him and London as they move to Denver after they get married in a little over a month! Oh, and we also love Finn.

Lex Harp

I was honored that Alexa and her mom would drive all the way from Beaumont to have her senior photos taken by me. Her sister Kaitlyn was one of my first Baylor friends and I'm sure you've seen pictures of her on my blog. But I digress. Lex will be attending Texas A&M in the fall and normally I would start talking about how Baylor is way better but I'm pumped for her to find her place there and to enjoy college. I had an absolute blast taking these pictures. I took her basically all over Waco trying to find the perfect spots. Kaitlyn, I think we accomplished our mission of taking some awesome photos, wouldn't you say so? Enjoy.